You have the oxygen concentrator and it will run for several years.  And you also have a lot of additional supplies that come with it to make it work correctly.  At EWMS, we send you a years’ worth (12 months) of oxygen accessories with your oxygen equipment and it is important that these supplies are changed regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria which can cause a variety of complications.  Here are some recommendations on how often to change out your cannulas, tubing, and humidifier bottles.  We also included the website so you can see what the manufacturers have to say. 

Nasal Cannulas:

  • These need to be changed every 2 (two) weeks
  •  If you are only using your nasal cannula for a few hours a day, you should be able to use it for the longer period, but with frequent or constant use, replacing your nasal cannula every 2 (two) weeks is ideal.
  • Lean towards using 1 or 2 cannulas per month.

Extension Tubing:

  • These need to be changed every 3 (three) weeks
  • Regularly check for any kinks, cracks or tears in the tubing

Humidifier bottles:

With the proper care and replacement when it is time, your concentrator and the accessories will provide you a safe and reliable source of clean oxygen.  Do keep in mind that if you have been sick, you should replace both your nasal cannula and your extension tubing right away. Bacteria and viruses can live within the tubing, reinfecting you and causing your illness to last longer. While you are sick, and during the few weeks of recovery following your illness, changing your nasal cannula at least once a week is recommended by experts.

If you have any further questions about when to change your oxygen supplies, please contact us at 801.841.4490 or email us at